Class of 2022 Candidates for On-Campus Undergraduate Degrees

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 candidates for on-campus undergraduate degrees!

Below is a list of Class of 2022 graduates from the Champlain College Divisions of Communication & Creative Media, Education & Human Studies, Information Technology & Sciences, Degree Design Lab: Integrative Professional Studies, and the Stiller School of Business.

Division of Communication & Creative Media

Isabella AbateBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
David AbramsBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Naomi Adu-DamoahBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Mary-Margaret AndrulotBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Daniel BakerBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Dylan BeebeBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Shane BenditBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Morgan BergBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
McKenzie BrandonBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Alexander BurchBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Madison ChuteBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Skye Civitella Bachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Annie CloughBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Marshall CookBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Ben DiascroBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Rae EarleyBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Mitchell EdwardsBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Beatrice EspanolaBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Adam EthierBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Natalie Kate EvensonBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Victoria FarullaBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Gabriel FerreroBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Charlotte May FrivollBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Tara GaiserBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Devin GallucciBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Jackson Dean GloverBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Nicole GreenBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Michael GrillBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Ross GroombridgeBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Hailey HarpleBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Franklin HarveyBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Morgan HillsBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Spencer HindsBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Justin HollingsheadBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Ian JuarezBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Aidan KaneBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Jacob KelloggBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Ali-Jon KretBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Cy KrevlinBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Peter KuliBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Mason MashtareBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Carly MyersBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Keegan NakanoBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Noble NamensonBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Elias NikitchyukBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Diana OgotiBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Devin Patrick Bachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Josephine PerezBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Matthew PersicoBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Danni PetrilakBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Nate PloofBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Emily Madison Poreda Bachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Hannah Rein Bachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
William RileyBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Soren SandblomBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Sarah Brittany Theresa SavageBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Sophie ScheerBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
James SladdenBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Ben StephanBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Zane SwiftBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Lily Marie TammikBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Paul TigheBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Olivia TynerBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Brandon UnderhillBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Joshua Andrew VausBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Dan WagnerBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
David Michael Warner Jr Bachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Digital Media
Calvin Delio WhiteBachelor of Fine ArtsGraphic Design & Visual Communication
Emma Worthge Bachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Rigby WrightBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Jane Anna YoungBachelor of Fine ArtsFilmmaking
Rebecca ZmodaBachelor of Fine ArtsCreative Media
Nicholas Charles AdamsBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Wyatt AmedenBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Evan John Hay BarkerBachelor of ScienceGame Design
John BarryBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Izzy BellBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Xavier BerryBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Maria BlackBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Lauren BlakeBachelor of ScienceCommunication
JJ BosamonteBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Daniel BoydBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Emily Nicole BrewerBachelor of ScienceCommunication
John-Elliott BurkeBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Megan CavanaughBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Sasha ChaconBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Logan ChalmersBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Gavin ChambersBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Daniel ClapsBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Lillian ClarkBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Matthew ConradBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Jaycob CorballyBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Shea CunhaBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Benjamin DaviesBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Isabel DickeyBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Jack DirstineBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Maria Alayna DolanBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Riley Joan EarleBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Stone EatonBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Wesley ElmerBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Lily EvansBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Jacob FontneauBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Madeline Marie ForetBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Cole GagnonBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Maya GastmanBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Lake Gildner-BlinnBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Zachary Ginsburg Bachelor of ScienceGame Design
Alex GoodmanBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Theresa Gruskos Bachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Eric HarveyBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Kate HeppnerBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Alexander HoukBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Sophia HuangBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Carter IvancicBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Makenzie Elizabeth JohnsonBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Eddie JuarezBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Connor JudgeBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Osage KaczorBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Andrew KerwoodBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Matthew LaflammeBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Jacob LazarekBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Lae LeBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Allyson LeeBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Emma LeeBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Anders LindbergBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Hannah Rose LindenbergBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Jennifer LoefstedtBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Matthew LovetereBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Nathan LumanBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Thomas MacMillanBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Lauren Nicole MateriaBachelor of ScienceCommunication
John McCorkleBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Katherine McGuckinBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Ana MyerBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Ben NicholasBachelor of ScienceCommunication
James OforiBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Brittany Ollendieck Bachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Benjamin OperhallBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Blade OsbornBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Katelyn Morgan PanzerBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Hannah PaquetteBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Leah PetersonBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Chase M Peterson-GurakBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Llyn PrintonBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Brenden ProvostBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Samuel PutnamBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Samuel RayBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Roland RichardsonBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Sam RobinsonBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Christian Alexander RobyBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Wendy RoseBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Gillianne RossBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Tanner RubinoBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Michael SafeeBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Bailey SargentBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Isabel Valentine SchonemannBachelor of ScienceBroadcast Media Production
Matthew Carl SearsBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Jake SeideBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Sarah ShawBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Emma Shea Bachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Thomas Harrison ShimmieldBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Mac SoulsbyBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Joseph Tecce IIIBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Jack TendaBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Evan ThaxterBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Nathaniel TophamBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Peter Michael TuransickBachelor of ScienceCommunication
Ian UrbanBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Sean UzarBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Elijah ValcikBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Benjamin VoterBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Elijah WakelingBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Daniel WaleikBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Max WeintraubBachelor of ScienceGame Design
Rebecca WhiteBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Sophia Adele WhiteBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Sammie WilhoitBachelor of ScienceProfessional Writing
Amber WilliamsonBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation
Crystal WongBachelor of ScienceGame Art and Animation

Division of Education & Human Studies

Cara BenjaminBachelor of ArtsLaw
Matthew BurtonBachelor of ArtsLaw
Emmanuel CrisostomoBachelor of ArtsLaw
Willard GreenwaldBachelor of ArtsLaw
Sara MayberryBachelor of ArtsLaw
Thomas MeliaBachelor of ArtsLaw
Angelina Elizabeth MoralesBachelor of ArtsLaw
Ayanle Mohamed OlowBachelor of ArtsLaw
Alejandrina ValladaresBachelor of ArtsLaw
Aidan WassermanBachelor of ArtsLaw
Alyssa Dorothy AmbrosinoBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Reid Stanton AnctilBachelor of SciencePsychology
Aidan BeaupreBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-English
Sydney BroadbentBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Lauren BrownBachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies and Policy
Nathan BurkeBachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Policy
Perry CantwellBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Jen CarpBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Amelia CaseyBachelor of SciencePsychology
Sam ColeBachelor of SciencePsychology
Jayy CovertBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-Social Studies
Keean DeJordyBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Emily EmeryBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-Social Studies
Christopher EversBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-Social Studies
Spencer Friedberg Bachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Angel May GallienBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Vanessa GuzmanBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Lukas HandanosBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Sheyla C HarperBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Kyle HarrisonBachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies and Policy
Keira HawkesBachelor of SciencePsychology
Anna Erin HoganBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Megan R. HolbrookBachelor of SciencePsychology
Lanie HydeBachelor of SciencePsychology
Charlotte IdeBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-English
Isabelle Guinnevere IndomenicoBachelor of SciencePsychology
Keslyn Elise KimeBachelor of SciencePsychology
Jorja Lamb Bachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Matthew McKnightBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Mellissa McPheeBachelor of SciencePsychology
Sarah Jung MeadeBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Brynn MillsBachelor of SciencePsychology
Bradley MyronBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Sarah NewtonBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Lillian ParsontBachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies and Policy
Allie Pashby-RockwoodBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Jacqueline PlavnickyBachelor of SciencePsychology
Meghan Putnam Bachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Lydia ReevesBachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Quinn RomeinBachelor of SciencePsychology
Meagan M SchmidBachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies and Policy
Kaylee SimoneBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Dakota Siple Bachelor of ScienceEarly Childhood/Elementary Education
Jasmin SpiersBachelor of ScienceSecondary Education-Social Studies
Alexis Zandra TaftBachelor of ScienceCriminal Justice
Jessica WalkerBachelor of SciencePsychology
Rodney WheelerBachelor of SciencePsychology
Breanna WrightBachelor of SciencePsychology
Gabriel WysokerBachelor of SciencePsychology
Cole J ZampellBachelor of SciencePsychology
Faith A. Brutus Bachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Allison ChadwickBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Tyler John DanchoBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Kylie HebardBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Sarah KuraniBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Alyssa Frances LuongoBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Madelyn MicolettiBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Sydney SearsBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work
Kat ThompsonBachelor of Social WorkSocial Work

Division of Information Technology & Sciences

Felix Lee AbbottBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Alakshendra Akashi Bachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
William AlberBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Faisal AlghamdiBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Ethan AllisBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Brian AndersonBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Noah AndersonBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
William AtwodBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Michael BamfordBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Samuel BarmanBachelor of ScienceData Analytics
Liam BarryBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Lenora Jane BatcherBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation & Computer & Digital Forensics
Griffin BaxterBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Wesley BeardBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Rory BeeboutBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Daniel BelairBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Phillip BellBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Spencer Joseph BellucciBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Andrew BikowiczBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
John BilskiBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Joshua BoginBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Brandon BorasBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Jack BrophyBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Andrew BryanBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Tess CabralBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Anthony CalkinsBachelor of ScienceComputer and Digital Forensics
Jake CapraBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Alex CartwrightBachelor of ScienceComputer and Digital Forensics
Sawyer Cawley-EdwardsBachelor of ScienceApplied Mathematics
Adam CeruttiBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Bradley ChamberlainBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Henry ChronowskiBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Baxter ClementsBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Tyrese ColquhounBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Dianna Kathleen Benson CornettBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Benjamin DaltonBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Cyprien DebargueBachelor of ScienceData Analytics
Aaron DeGraveBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Jonathan DeLeonBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Richard DennisBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Nathan Samuel DiMauroBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Jacob DiNapoliBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Miles DuncanBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Matthew Ryan EckhardtBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Jason EhrlichBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Matthew EsslieBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Thornton Douglas FernbacherBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Egor FesenkoBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Christopher C FosterBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
James FoxBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Hayley FroioBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Will GeslerBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Ryan GillenBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Daniel HartmanBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Clementine Ivy HassouniBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Ethan HeilBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Daniel HellsternBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Joshua HendersonBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Joseph Hennigar JrBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Nicholas PerellBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Colton HulceBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Sam HustonBachelor of ScienceData Analytics
Sulaiman JadallahBachelor of ScienceData Analytics
Alex JaegerBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Sam JohnsonBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Zachary JonesBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Lucas KaineBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Jordan KimballBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity & Computer & Digital Forensics
Charlie KowalskiBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Brandon L’AbbeBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Tyler LaRoseBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Joseph  Lawton-CurtisBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Aaron LeachBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Gavin LechnerBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Michael LeonardBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Remy LepeakBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Teagan LongBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Maximus C LorahBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Nicholas LuethBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Damion LymanBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Olli Carter MachinaBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Cormac MacKinnonBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Colt MagriBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Brendan McKenneyBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Connor MerchantBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Aaron MeunierBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Aidan MurphyBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Richard NadeauBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Louis Najdek Bachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Ricky NinhBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Kaya OverholtzerBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Evan PattersonBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Christopher McCormack PaulBachelor of ScienceComputer and Digital Forensics
Holly Leigh PenttilaBachelor of ScienceComputer and Digital Forensics
Chase Harrigan PierceBachelor of ScienceData Analytics
Nicholas PreisBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Jared RemsbergBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Calvin RoseBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Wyatt RuttleBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Charlie SanfordBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
David SerateBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Harris SlesarBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Daniel SourdiffBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Nicholas SpanosBachelor of ScienceComputer & Digital Forensics
Hayden StegmanBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Spencer SumpmanBachelor of ScienceComputer and Digital Forensics
Liam SweeneyBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Thomas SzpilaBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Adel TalhoukBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Nicholas TelesBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Aiden TracyBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Tak TraisawadvongBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Mason TrippBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Olivia Van PeltBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Michael VerdiBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Louis VintonBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Alexander WatersBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Collin WestgateBachelor of ScienceComputer Science and Innovation
Jared WhichardBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Alexander WoodBachelor of ScienceGame Programming
Alex ZimmermanBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity
Tao ZimmermanBachelor of ScienceComputer Networking & Cybersecurity

Integrative Professional Studies: Degree Design Lab

Jessica TurnerBachelor of ScienceIntegrative Professional Studies
Kai WilensBachelor of ScienceIntegrative Professional Studies

Stiller School of Business

Jacob Abu-Amara Bachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Martin ArnoldBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Calvin Joseph BanasBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Alex BarnettBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Hannah Adelle BeaulieuBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Larsen BergBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Nina BitcaBachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Anderson BonillaBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Daniel BrassardBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Karen Anne CanavanBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Mia CarlinBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Erik CarlsonBachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Declan ConnerBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Ryan Donald CorningBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Rowan Crawford-StempelBachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Paul David CriscioneBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Koltin DimmickBachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Matthew ElliottBachelor of ScienceAccounting
Adam ElyBachelor of ScienceAccounting
Noah EmlerBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Donovan Nicholas Astor Garcia-BucklerBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Mackenzie GeorgeBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Leah GimbutasBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Colin GrierBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Olivia HajdaszBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Anthony HuynhBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Chevanique JohnsonBachelor of ScienceInternational Business
Nicholas LaCoilleBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Sarah LancasterBachelor of ScienceManagement & Innovation
Jackson LeBlancBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Sabrina Lynn LeeBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Noah Madowitz Bachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Carly MankBachelor of ScienceAccounting
Gabrielle Michele MastropoloBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Jayme McGuiganBachelor of ScienceMarketing
DJ MillerBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Jomarlie MoiseBachelor of ScienceAccounting
Leland MurtiffBachelor of ScienceAccounting & Finance
Silvanna Najri SaladinBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Austin OliverBachelor of ScienceAccounting
Rachelle Perrault Bachelor of ScienceAccounting
Michael RussoBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
James Macon Saunders IIIBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Steven SeaverBachelor of ScienceAccounting & Finance
Riley SeithBachelor of ScienceMarketing
John Seymour Bachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Alejandro Shaw-CorreaBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Matthew SierraBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Tristan StewartBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Julia SwanBachelor of ScienceManagement & Innovation
Suman ThapaBachelor of ScienceMarketing
Grace Tuohey-KayBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Bram van Overbeeke-CostelloBachelor of ScienceGame Production Management
Matthew WilliamsonBachelor of ScienceAccounting & Finance
Ian BurkeBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Bryan ChassieBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Jacob Hillel CoffeyBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Austin CooneyBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Kolby Evan FriendBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Jack GarveyBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Allie HardyBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Henry Lee Kimber WhiteBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Alex LaskerBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Aubrey LemagnenBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Noor LibanBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Anjana MangarBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Lindsay MarcroftBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Jovenel MoiseBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Griffin Burns MonahanBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Judah MurrayBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Haley NaftalBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Dakota NavariBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Michael OlioBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Jules PerkinsBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Noah PerloBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Steven David RapilloBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Emma SeidenbergBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Nathaniel SladeBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Jack SlimonBachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
Alex Vernali Bachelor of ScienceBusiness Administration
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Commencement Program: 10 AM Ceremony
Senior Izzy Bell to Give Commencement Address
Honorary Degree Recipient Aly Richards to Speak at Commencement