How to Wear a Master’s Hood During Commencement

Congratulations to all of our master’s degree recipients! The hard work you have put into your advanced degree can now be shown off by wearing your master’s hood over your graduation gown.

The master’s hood can be a little tricky to put on the first time around, so we’ve put together this short video on how to properly wear your hood:

Here are the outlined steps:

  1. Find the loop at the top of the hood
  2. Point the loop down your chest as you put on the hood (the velvet, solid color of the hood should be facing outwards)
  3. Find the button on the inside of your gown
  4. Fasten the loop to the button and zip up your gown

The velvet, solid color of your hood represents the specific degree or area in which you have completed your advanced studies, and the satin interior represents the institution, in this case, Champlain College.

At Champlain, the following colors are represented:

  • Crimson – MS Emergent Media
  • Drab (Tan) – MS Accounting, MBA, MS Executive Leadership, MS Health Care Administration, MS Human Relations & Organization Development
  • Gold – MS Digital Forensic Science, MS Information Security Operations
  • Light Blue – M.Ed. Early Childhood Education

Don’t forget to dress up in your cap, gown, and hood for Commencement! We’re looking forward to seeing how you’re celebrating this amazing accomplishment: share your photos, videos, and well wishes using #ChampGrad.

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