Commencement Speaker, Robbin Suggs Williams

Robbin Suggs Williams is a member of the Champlain College 2021 graduating class, having graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Robbin is currently completing her Master’s in Business Administration at Champlain College. She spends what little spare time she has with her family, helping seniors in her church, and relaxing at the beach.

In high school, Robbin demonstrated leadership skills early on, being selected from among her peers to attend leadership seminars and conferences. In her senior year in high school, Robbin was president of the French club, and she served as editor of the yearbook staff.  

Robbin has long exhibited a flair for creativity, and she is fascinated by innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors, particularly concerning owning and operating a business. From experience, she learned the value of hard work, efficiency, and communication. 

After watching both of her parents run businesses for years, she recognized that she also wanted to pursue a career as a business professional. However, she also recognized the value of getting her degree. After spending decades in the workforce and most recently pursuing some of her innovative business ideas, Robbin went back to college.

As for what is next, Robbin plans to continue her parents’ legacy by fulfilling her creative business passions. Having paused several entrepreneurial business ventures to complete her education, she is gearing up to get back in the game.  

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